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Welcome/Webmaster Message

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Welcome to the new homepage for the Arkansas State Square Dance Federation (ASSDF), Inc.; last updated April 18, 2016.

It's always a good time to think of square and round dancing, wherever you are. The new domain, was obtained on Oct. 26, 2009...and the page is best viewed in 1024x768 resolution.

This is a Cookie Free Website, a Java Free Website, and it was created with the HTML Editor. The total number of hits is at the bottom of the page, with a sponsor link.

Now, a bit of history. The original ASSDF webmaster, Joyce Taylor, died several years ago. As a result, the ORIGINAL ASSDF website that was at, had OUTDATED INFORMATION for quite awhile.

After several attempts, I finally got in contact with their webmaster, and that data should have now been removed. If it is still there, it is outdated.

In late 2007, I set up a page for the ASSDF as a separate section off of my personal homepage. Then, on Oct. 26, 2009, I was able to obtain the new domain of for the website, and everything has been moved to the new domain. So, please update your web browsers accordingly. Both sites are hosted by Website Hosting by Apollo. While this site looks similar to the original one (I patterned the design after it, but changed the colors to make it easier to read), the current site has more information.

Much of the information on the ASSDF Website is taken from The Modern Square, Arkansas' monthly publication of square and round dancing.

By choosing the desired links, you'll get a glimpse of who, and what we are. We hope that you enjoy your visit, and will come back often to keep up with the happenings of our federation clubs, callers and cuers, etc. We invite you to come see that both square dancing and round dancing are Friendship Set To Music.

NOTE: Except for articles from the ASSDF Officers, as well as selected callers and cuers, all of the information that is on the ASSDF Website is taken DIRECTLY from The Modern Square, Arkansas' monthly Square And Round Dance Publication.

Please check with the contacts noted on the Special Dances Page to verify the information noted...because if it is WRONG in The Modern Square, it is also WRONG on the website!! Plus, dances can be changed or cancelled at the last minute, for a variety of reasons.

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The ASSDF is the official organization of Arkansas Square Dancers. While mentioning square dancing, we also welcome and promote round dancing as well...and, a Fall Festival is held in a different Arkansas city each October.

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Also on this page are links to the callers and cuers, the clubs and organizations, The Modern Square (the monthly magazine of the ASSDF), a list of the current ASSDF officers, and other square dance links for your enjoyment.

If you have any questions, or if you have any square or round dance related can contact the webmaster, who will forward your comment to the appropriate party. Note that email addresses are NOT on the website, in order to prevent harvesting of them for spamming.

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In Memoriam

I have created a page, In the Arkansas callers, cuers (and their taws (spouses)), and dancers, who have passed away over the years. I will need your help in letting me know the names of these individuals who are gone, but not forgotten. I don't need the names of the clubs they danced with, dates of death, etc...just the names of these individuals, and whether they were a caller, cuer, spouse of the caller or cuer, or dancer.

Note that since the subscription to The Modern Square is AUTOMATICALLY TERMINATED in the event of the dancers death (one obviously has no use for it after they've died)...if the widow or family member of the dancer wants a complimentary 3 month extension for information on memorials to their deceased loved one in Club Reports, they should contact the Circulation Manager, with the report of the passing of their loved one...and include a copy of the obituary, confirming the death of said caller, cuer, or dancer. If they want to continue subscribing afterwards, they can do so with information found on this page. If there was still several months left on the subscription, the expiration date will be REDUCED to 3 months after the death of said dancer, caller, or cuer...unless the widow or family member wants the full balance of subscription to be fulfilled.

I also have added a list of clubs that are also gone, but not forgotten. For these, I need the name of the club, and the city where they danced.

And, I have also added names of former callers and cuers...who are still the best of my knowledge...but are no longer calling/cueing for an Arkansas club.

Your help in preserving the legacy of these individuals (caller, cuer, or dancer), and clubs...will be greatly appreciated.

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Callers And Cuers

There are several callers and cuers across Arkansas. While most of the callers call Basic, Mainstream, and Plus level square dancing, some callers also call Advanced, and Challenge level square dancing. Round Dance Cuers cue Phases 2-6, and some callers and cuers are available for Special Dances. For a detailed list of callers and cuers, click here.

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Clubs and Organizations

There are several clubs and organizations across Arkansas for your dancing pleasure. For a list of Arkansas' Square and Round Dance Clubs and Organizations, click here. Also, be sure to note the Changes and Cancellations section here.

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Specials And Benefit Dances

Clubs hold special and benefit dances throughout the year. These are dances where a caller or cuer that's different from their regular caller and cuer is brought in to call the dance...or where the dance is held to raise money to benefit a dancer or their family, for medical costs because of health issues, helping them to recover from loss of possessions (such as from a fire, flood, tornado, etc.). Most of these dances are DONATION BASED, with all proceeds going to help those in need. You can find the Specials and Benefit Dances here.

Also listed are special dances outside of Arkansas...including the National Square Dance Convention, and the Single Square Dancers USA Labor Day Dance-A-Rama. Be sure to check with the contacts listed with each dance (or websites, if so listed), for further information.

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Changes and Cancellations

Unfortunately, last minute changes to scheduled dances do sometimes occur. That's why no matter whether you dance to a local club, or travel a good distance to a dance, it is STRONGLY ENCOURAGED that you contact the person listed BEFORE TRAVELING to a dance. Clubs sometimes CHANGE their location, or CANCEL their dance that day, or even AT THE LAST MINUTE for various reasons (weather, etc.), hall conflicts, holidays, or for other clubs Special Dances, or even for the ASSDF Fall Festival.

It can be VERY FRUSTRATING after driving a long distance to find that a club is ''dark'' (not dancing)...especially with the price of gasoline nowadays!! These changes can also OCCUR AT THE LAST MINUTE...and it's better to be safe than sorry, by calling ahead before you travel. This is especially true when stormy weather (thunderstorms, tornadoes, flooding, snow, ice, etc.) affects an area. A list of these changes and cancellations can be found here. For weather information and forecasts across Arkansas, click here. For Arkansas Road Traffic Patterns, and Construction Zones, click here.

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Dance Lessons/Graduations/Demos

Square and Round Dance Lessons. Whatever your introduction was, it was the start of an incredible journey.

The thought may stir memories of dancing with the same sex in elementary school, doing a swing your partner, do-si-do, etc. You may recall the first night of class, when a friend invited you to learn square or round dancing. You might have been at a ''one night stand demonstration'', put on by a church or other group. Or maybe you are curious as to what the wonderful world of square and round dancing is about.

From a personal standpoint, I remember the first night of class in 1985, as all of these women I didn't even know were giving me hugs (yellowrocks), and I thought to myself ''What have I gotten myself into??''. After graduation, it was like waiting in line for hugs, and saying ''Next!!'' (grin!).

For a further overview of square and round dancing, as well as a list of upcoming square and round dance lessons, click here. For a Square Dancers Bill Of Rights, as well as a guide to a Square Dance Graduation Ceremony...along with The Square Dancers Pledge, click here.

Also, at times, there are several groups who like to have dancers come to do a ''demonstration''. These include church or social groups...especially just before a club is to start lessons. These also include nursing homes, who have the dancers come to dance for a short time to ''help take the loneliness out of the day'' of many of the residents.

Unfortunately, the one bad thing about this is that many dancers, callers, and cuers work a full time job during the day, and have other commitments (family, etc.) outside of dancing...let alone being a good distance away from the place where the group is wanting the demonstration is to be held. Plus, the caller or cuer who is putting on the demonstration is likely to require a fee for his or her services...unless there is a high potential of individuals ''taking part in the demonstration'' to sign up for lessons. If the demonstration is being held during the day, the dancers may want a lunch provided, even if for a nominal fee.

The best advice I could give for those groups interested in a ''demo'' is to check the clubs listing, to see if there is a club in, or near your area. If so, please contact the club contact listed for more information. Unfortunately, the amount of square and round dance clubs in Arkansas is much smaller than it was nearly 30 years ago...with some parts of Arkansas having few...if any...clubs in existence any more. I know this sounds disappointing and negative...but after all...square and round dancing is a HOBBY...and sometimes, other things outside of square and round dancing (job, health, family, etc.) have to take priority.

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Dance Admission Fees

Just like much of the country, most, but not all, of the square and round dance clubs charge a fee for visitors. This is to help pay the caller/cuer fee, the hall rent, etc. Fees usually range from $3 to $5 per person, and these may be higher, and are subject to change without notice.

The fee applies whether it's for a regular dance, or for a special dance, unless otherwise noted. Check the ASSDF Clubs And Organizations listing for more details. A few of the clubs do not charge for visitors...but that is the exception, rather than the rule.

Also, at the ASSDF Fall Festival, while vistiors may watch the dance at no charge, they may NOT get out on the dance floor. If they do, they become dancers, and will be REQUIRED to pay the festival admission fee. This is because it's UNFAIR to those who HAVE PAID...and also because of insurance issues.

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The Modern Square

The Modern Square is the ASSDF's monthly publication, containing reports from the various square and round dance clubs and organizations across the well as information on upcoming special dances across Arkansas. Subscriptions are $20 a year (which equates to $1.67 a month, or just under 6 cents a day). For a printable form, and a list of upcoming Subscription Dances...where dancers can sign up for, or renew their subscription to The Modern Square, click here. A subscription form is also in each issue.

If you have a question about the status/expiration date of your subscription, or where to mail your renewal, please contact the Circulation Manager from the ASSDF Officers page. A letter with more information is located here. You will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader to view/print the file.

Please do NOT have someone else call, write, or email the Circulation Manager for YOUR subscription status. The Circulation Manager would PREFER to get the information on YOUR SUBSCRIPTION direct from YOU; and NOT via another dancer, ''second hand''. If it's the latter, and it's wrong, it could take longer to get the situation corrected. While I do have several files as a crosscheck, sometimes errors can be made (especially when working with computers). So, as soon as you think there is a problem with your subscription, or if you have a question about it, please contact the Circulation Manager as soon as possible!! The quicker the Circulation Manager is made aware of a possible problem, the quicker it can be resolved.

The ONLY reason the Circulation Manager should be contacted by another dancer on your subscription, is in the event of your death. At that time, the subscription will be terminated, and deceased dancers name will be added to the In Memoriam page.

Also, please do NOT wait until the last minute to renew. If the Circulation Manager doesn't receive notification from the Treasurer that you have sent in payment by the 7th of the month preceding the month of issue (April 7th for the May issue), your subscription must WAIT until the next months issue to be processed.

The Subscriber Database for the May, 2016 issue of The Modern Square was sent to the printer on April 10, 2016. As a result, any changes, deletions, corrections, etc. have to WAIT until the June, 2016 issue. I received the e-Edition of the May, 2016 issue on April 15, 2015. The website has been updated accordingly. The print edition of the My, 2016 issue should be sent out around April 25.

Reminder Cards for subscriptions expiring with the June, 2016 issue, will be mailed out around April 25. Note that only one (1) Reminder Card is, if you fail to respond, once the deadline passes, your subscription information is REMOVED from the database...NO EXCEPTIONS. Then, if you wait to renew, you may NOT be able to get copies of missed issues, even if you had material in them!!

Further details on obtaining the E-edition, and on The Modern Square are available here.

Also, so The Modern Square can keep its special bulk/periodicals rate with the Postal Service, a MINIMUM of 60% of the total Subscriber Database entries MUST be PAID SUBSCRIPTIONS. Preliminary data for the December, 2014 Subscriber Database showed that the ASSDF was DANGEROUSLY CLOSE to NOT being able to meet that requirement. Should that occur, the ASSDF would either have to pay FULL POSTAGE (around an additional $175 to $200 per issue), which could bankrupt the organization...or be PROHIBITED from publishing and mailing altogether.

If you are already subscribed, THANK YOU. But, if you are NOT currently a subscriber, and possibly just sharing a subscription with a copy at a club dance, PLEASE STRONGLY CONSIDER SUBSCRIBING!! For further details, as well as a note from the 2015 Editor, click here.

NOTE: Since my actual square dancing on the dance floor is limited, and my main work is off the dance floor, I am donating five (5) complimentary subscriptions to The Modern Square at the Lily Pad Dance on May 7, 2017. See the Special Dances Page for details. I am considering also doing it at the ASSDF Fall Festival, but will make that decision as it gets closer.

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The ASSDF has several officers, both elected and appointed. For a list of these individuals, and a brief description of their jobs, click here.

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The ASSDF has a yearly fall festival dance in a different Arkansas city each October...usually on Columbus Day Weekend. The Friday night dance features a National Caller for the Square Dancing...and Arkansas Cuers for the Round Dancing. Saturday activities feature workshops, the ASSDF Membership Meeting (where bid presentations for future dances are made, and other items are discussed), plus the evening dancing to Arkansas Callers and Cuers.

Further details can be found here.

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The ASSDF was formed in 1949, by Otis A. Higgins, and Richard Dick. Max Smith was appointed in 1949 to plan and promote the first Federation Dance, and he was elected as the first president in 1951.

The ASSDF is actually 2 years older than the National Square Dance Convention (NSDC), which is overseen by the National Executive Committee...composed of past NSDC chairpersons. The NSDC is held the Wednesday through Saturday, up to and including, the last weekend of June each year, in a different U.S. city. It is billed as ''The World's Greatest Square Dance Event''. For more on the history of the ASSDF, a list of past ASSDF Presidents, past National Square Dance Conventions, as well as 3 poems I for the 40th birthday of the ASSDF, and two poems as tributes to two of the greatest callers in Arkansas square dancing history, the late J.D. ''Pappy'' Kerr, and the late ''Wild Bill'' Wilder, click here.

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Membership And Board Meetings

The ASSDF has membership meetings; where the state square and round dance clubs send at least two (2) delegates to the meeting, to discuss various issues related to square and round dancing, and with the ASSDF. For further details, click here.

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Advertisers In The Modern Square

There are several businesses that support square and round dancing in Arkansas, by taking out ads in The Modern Square. A list of these is located here.

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Square Dance Items For Sale

Unfortunately, there comes a time when dancers and callers/cuers, have to reduce their involvement in the hobby, or get out of it altogether. As a result, many are willing to sell their outfits, records, etc. to new dancers or callers, usually at a price that the individual couldn't afford new. For details, click here.

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Square Dance Links

There are many square and round dance links for your enjoyment on the Internet. I've included some of the most popular ones below, last updated as of the date at the top of this page. If you note any bad links, or if you have one you'd like added, please contact me via this link. The associated link must deal in some way, with either square dancing, round dancing, line dancing, contra dancing, handicapable dancing, clogging, etc. -- basically, forms of dancing found at the National Square Dance Convention.

The first 4 links below are with the ASSDF Website. The remainder of the links are for square and round dance websites OUTSIDE of the ASSDF Website.

  • Square Dancing Poem
  • Square Dancers Bill Of Rights/Graduations
  • Square Dances and Emergencies
  • Square Dance Attire/Commandments
  • Square Dancing In Hot Springs Village, Arkansas
  • Life's Just A Dance -- Square/Round Dancing in North Central Texas
  • Animated Square Dancing - Definitions And Diagrams
  • You, Too, Can Dance
  • An Online Guide To Square Dancing
  • National/International Square and Round Dance Directory (use 55-6677 as temporary logon code)
  • Square Dancing Today Magazine
  • Square Dance Sewing
  • National Square Dance Convention (NSDC)/National Executive Committee
  • Alliance Of Round, Traditional, And Square Dance
  • Find A Square And/Or Round Dance Event
  • 2015 National Square Dance Convention, Springfield, Massachusetts
  • 2016 National Square Dance Convention, Des Moines, Iowa
  • 2017 National Square Dance Convention, Cincinatti, Ohio
  • 2018 National Square Dance Convention, Kansas City, Missouri
  • Bachelors 'N Bachelorettes, International
  • Single Square Dancers USA (SSDUSA)
  • Links For Single Square Dancers (courtesy of SSDUSA)
  • Single Square Dancers USA (SSDUSA) Labor Day Dance-A-Rama
  • Texas Association Of Single Square Dancers (TASSD)
  • Rebel Rousers, Dallas, Texas (Home Of The Whoopee Whoopee Girls)
  • Heart Of America Single Square Dancers Association (HASSDA)
  • East Texas Square And Round Dance Association
  • Texas State Federation Of Square And Round Dancers
  • Western Square Dancing Homepage
  • United Square Dancers Of America
  • Tennessee State Association Of Square And Round Dance Clubs
  • Saddlebrook Squares Animated Square Dance Calls
  • Bring 'M And Swing 'M Square Dance Club, Michigan

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