Advertisers In The Modern Square

Advertisers In The Modern Square

Deadlines And Rates
Advertisers In The Modern Square
Advertisers For The Fall Festival


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Besides a yearly subscription to The Modern Square, several businesses run by dancers...square dance related and well as other businesses...not necessarily run by dancers... take out an ad to support square and round dancing in Arkansas. Your SUPPORT of these dancers and businesses is greatly appreciated.

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Deadlines And Rates

All material must be to the Editor of The Modern Square by the 5th of the month, preceding the month of issue (for example, May 5th, for the June issue). See the ASSDF Officers Page for details on the current ASSDF Editor. For more information on deadlines, click here.

Note that rates are different for ASSDF Member Clubs, versus Commercial (non-ASSDF) members. ADVANCE PAYMENT IN FULL IS REQUIRED. These rates are current as of the date above, but are subject to change without notice. Note that the ASSDF Editor reserves the right to omit, condense, or rewrite all items submitted.

NOTE: If the ASSDF has to reduce the frequency of publication from monthly to either bi-monthly or quarterly (the minimum required), the monthly and yearly rates will likely change. The cost of postage and printing is rapidly depleting the ASSDF Treasury...especially considering a lack of ads, and a declining number of subscriptions.

Full Page Ad Monthly Rate: $25 for ASSDF Member Clubs, $35 for non-ASSDF members.
Full Page Ad Yearly Rate: $300 for ASSDF Member Clubs, $420 for non-ASSDF members.

Half Page Ad Monthly Rate: $12.50 for ASSDF Member Clubs, $20 for non-ASSDF members.
Half Page Ad Yearly Rate:$150 for ASSDF Members Clubs: $240 for non-ASSDF members.

Back Cover Ad Monthly Rate: $35 for ASSDF Member Clubs, $50 for non-ASSDF members.
Back Cover Ad Yearly Rate: $420 for ASSDF Member Clubs, $600 for non-ASSDF members.

Two Center Pages Monthly Rate: $70 for ASSDF Member Clubs, $85 for non-ASSDF members.
Two Center Pages Yearly Rate: $840 for ASSDF Member Clubs, $1020 for non-ASSDF members.

All Other Ads Monthly Rate: $7 for ASSDF Member Clubs, $10 for non-ASSDF members.
All Other Ads Yearly Rate: $84 for ASSDF Member Clubs, $120 for non-ASSDF members.

The ASSDF has added Booster Ads to The Modern Square. The ads will be for non-square dance related announcements, and used to support The Modern Square. Prices are $10 per insertion, whether for ASSDF Clubs individuals, or otherwise. For details, click here. You will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader to view/print the file. Booster Ads are NOT listed the length of publication for each one varies. The price for Booster Ads is $10 per insertion.

The ASSDF is also now offering a column called ''Spotlight''...where you can spotlight a square dance caller, round dance cuer, line dance instructor, an individual square or round dancer, a club, etc. You can use this to celebrate a clubs anniversary, pay tribute to someone with their work with square dancing, round dancing, etc. The Spotlight will be a full page insertion for a cost of $15.

Note that subscriptions to The Modern Square, plus the ASSDF fund the lion's share of this publication...BUT IT IS NOT ENOUGH. Plain and simply put, WE DESPERATELY NEED AD INCOME. Without the income generated by ads, the number of pages will have to be cut back. The size of Reports from the various member clubs would be STRICTLY ENFORCED to a LIMIT OF 250 WORDS. Plus, PICTURES WOULD BE ELIMINATED FROM THE PRINT EDITION (Pictures WOULD be printed in the e-Edition); and the publication may have to go to BI-MONTHLY, or to the MINIMUM of quarterly (4 times a year). Note that NONE OF THIS IS, NONE OF IT IS NECESSARY.

In response to the editor's plea in the November, 2015 issue, there was ONLY 1 Booster Ad, 1 half page ad, and NO Spotlight Ads, or special dance ads. As a result, because of cost, PICTURES WERE REMOVED FROM THE PRINT EDITION of the December, 2015 issue of The Modern Square, but were available in the e-Edition. If further ad revenue is not found or generated, the frequency of publication will likely be REDUCED to either bi-monthly (every other month), or AT MINIMUM, reduced to quarterly (4 times a year).

The Postal Service will NOT permit mailing of a publication that can not publish 4 times a year. And, if the total number of PAID SUBSCRIPTIONS drops to 50 (it was below 100 as of September, 2017), the Postal Service will NOT permit mailing of the publication, if they do NOT pay the HIGHER FIRST CLASS POSTAGE RATE.

In short, PLEASE SUPPORT YOUR PUBLICATION. You can do that if you will take an active role in finding individuals or companies to advertise with us...if your club would advertise specials in The Modern Square (with an ad, and not just a note in the Special Dances Listing)... if your club would SPOTLIGHT the club, the caller, or an individual...or if you would place a Booster Ad.

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Advertisers In The Modern Square

Here is a list of those businesses that currently have, or recently have had ads in The Modern Square in the last three (3) months. Websites, if applicable, are provided...along with contact information, and brief information from their ads. Note that the ads are not necessarily in alphabetical order. My apologies to anyone I may have missed. Please support them, thank them for placing an ad in The Modern Square, and ask them if they would continue to do so.

Ads of support (including Booster Ads, Spotlight Ads, and pictures (several photos by Carolyn Birdsong -- some in the e-Edition) were received from the Northwest Arkansas Gazette (an article on square dancing), the Maverick Mixers 50's Dance, the 2017 Single Square Dancers USA Labor Day Dance-A-Rama (PDF), the 2017 ASSDF Fall Festival (including the Trail-End Dance, sponsored by the Twirling Lariats), Robert and Cheryl Shaver (square dancing in their swimming pool), the Levis And Lace Square Dance Club, The Three Amigos Ride Again Dance, and the 60's Swingers Square Dance Club. Note that you need the Adobe Acrobat Reader to view/print the PDF files.

Advertiser: Daryl Stout, The Thunderbolt BBS
Comments: Before traveling to a dance, call ahead first. Weather, flooding, or other concerns could cause a club to cancel a previously scheduled dance at the last minute. You can purchase a NOAA Weather Radio at many stores. Be sure to get one with the SAME (Specific Area Message Encoder) Warning Codes, and with a battery backup, in case of a power outage. Known as ''The Voice Of The National Weather Service'', it alerts you to severe weather conditions, 24 hours a day. You can also click here for the U.S. NOAA National Weather Service map, for the latest watches, warnings, and advisories, for either Arkansas or clicking on the desired area of the map, then clicking on the desired hazardous weather icon. For more information on The Thunderbolt BBS, click here. If the link doesn't work, the BBS may be offline for maintenance, thunderstorms, or other issues. For weather information, forecasts, etc. for Arkansas, click here. To contact the Sysop, click here. Replies will be sent as soon as possible.

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Advertisers In The Fall Festival Program Book

There is usually a Program Book at the ASSDF Fall Festival. Those who advertise in the book will be noted on this page until sometime in June of the following year, after the festival has concluded...after which time, this listing will be reset. This is usually when the e-Edition of the July issue of The Modern Square comes out.

A list of advertisers from the yearly Fall Festival Program Book, is usually posted as soon as possible after the event. Unfortunately, I was unable to attend the weekend, due to health and financial issues...but found out that there were NO ADS purchased.

When these ads are purchased, it helps the ASSDF with festival their ad is placed here through at least mid-June of the following year, as a THANK YOU to these individuals and businesses, for their support of the weekend festival.

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