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A yellowrock of thanks to Brenda Griffin for pointing out errors, which I hope have been corrected.

The ASSDF has a yearly fall festival dance in a different Arkansas city, usually around the second weekend of October. There is a Trail-In Dance on Thursday night...then the Friday night dance features a National Caller for the Square Dancing...and Arkansas Cuers for the Round Dancing. Saturday activities feature fun dances, workshops, the ASSDF Delegates Meeting on Saturday, plus the afternoon and evening dancing to Arkansas' Callers And Cuers. There will also be door prizes, vendors, a Teacup Auction, and Split The Pot, at the weekend. Each club is asked to prepare a gift basket to raffle off.

Proper Square Dance Attire is REQUIRED at the evening dances (Thursday, Friday, and Saturday)... although casual attire is OK for the Friday and Saturday daytime dances, and dance level workshops. Note that depending on participation, there may or may not be a fashion show or vendors at the weekend.

It's also worth noting that ''While visitors will be able to watch the dance at no charge, the moment they step on the dance floor to dance, they become dancers...and will be expected to pay the at door registration fee...which is $20 per person (for Friday and Saturday), and, if they attend the Thursday night Trail-In Dance, a separate $8 fee (payable at the door). If not, they will be asked to leave the dance floor, and the premises''.

Also, whether you dance for part or all of the weekend (Thursday night, Friday afternoon and evening, Saturday morning, afternoon, and evening...either individually (one day or evening), or all 3 days, you will be REQUIRED to pay the fees for the Trail-In Dance, Friday, and/or Saturday...the exact fee depending on which ones you attend.

There is ''no reduced fee'' for those who only make it for one evening session. Many festivals outside of Arkansas charge a higher rate for a similar dance festival weekend schedule, so by comparison, $28 ($8 if you attend the Trail-In Dance, then $20 for Friday and/or Saturday) is a bargain.

NOTE: While the 2016 Fall Festival Contracts and registration fees are locked in, and can not be changed, there is a possibility that a revised cost setup for the 2017 Fall Festival may be implemented. This would include a reduced fee for dancers under a certain age (youth), or for those dancing one night only. However, this will be discussed and voted on at the Delegates Meeting, on Saturday, October 15, 2016, at 8:30am. So, if you want to have input on this, as well as possible revisions to the ASSDF Bylaws, or for selection of the 2017 ASSDF Officers, it would be prudent for you to make plans to attend the Delegates Meeting.

The bottom line is, that it's NOT fair to those dancers who have PAID THE FEE, and yet, someone is ''dancing for free'', or paying the full free, and someone is dancing for a lesser amount...and, last but not least, because of insurance issues.

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2016 Fall Festival

The 2016 ASSDF Fall Festival dates are Thursday, Oct. 13...Friday, Oct. 14...and Saturday, Oct. 15, 2016. However, since both nearby colleges, Ouachita Baptist University, and Henderson State University, have their HOMECOMING WEEKENDS during October, it is crucial that those wanting lodging for the dance weekend, MAKE THEIR RESERVATIONS PROMPTLY!! During those HOMECOMING WEEKENDS, it is PRACTICALLY IMPOSSIBLE TO GET A HOTEL ROOM in the area, if you delay in making your reservations!! Details on lodging are located here.

The 2016 Fall Festival will once again be at Betty's Big Country Dance Hall in Caddo Valley, Arkansas. The hall has a hardwood floor, making it great to dance on.

The Maverick Mixers Square Dance Club will host the Trail-In Dance on Thursday night, October 13, with callers Phil Moorehouse, and his Dad, Naaman Moorehouse, Senior, calling the squares. I also noted via Facebook that Joey Duhamel will be calling at the Trail-In Dance as well. There will also be line dancing at the Trail-In Dance. Again, as noted above, a separate admission fee of $8 is charged.

Then, National Caller Mike Bramlett of the Rebel Rousers Square Dance Club out of Dallas, Texas...will be calling the squares Friday night, October 14...with Cathy And Fred Fisher of the Conway Rounders cueing the Rounds Friday night.

Then, Arkansas' Callers And Cuers will be calling and cueing dancing for Saturday and Saturday night.

Also, there will be a Delegates Meeting at 8:30am Saturday morning, August 15. Topics to be covered will include a possible revised Fall Festival fee schedule, as well as proposed revisions of the ASSDF By-Laws, and the Election of ASSDF Officers for 2017...among other topics. For more information on the Delegates Meeting, click here.

For a printable flier for the 2016 Fall Festival, in Adobe Acrobat Reader PDF format, click here. You will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader to view/print the file.

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2016 Fall Festival Schedule

As of now, here is the schedule for the 2016 ASSDF Fall Festival. Additional details will be posted as soon as possible...and the times listed below are subject to change.

Thursday, October 13: Trail-In Dance, Betty's Big Country Dance Hall, sponsored by the Maverick Mixers. The dance will be from 7pm to 10pm, with admission of $8 per person (this is separate from the festival registration fee of $20, and is payable at the door. There will be Door Prizes and Split The Pot. Callers will be Phil Moorehouse, and Naaman Moorehouse, Senior, plus Joey Duhamel, for the square dancing. Line Dancing will also be done between tips.

Friday, October 14: Registration opens, possibly at 3pm, with a Dinner Break at 5pm. Pre-Rounds will be from 6:30pm to 7:20pm, with Cathy Fisher, cueing. The Grand March will be at 7:30pm, followed at 7:45pm with squares by National Caller Mike Bramlett, from the Rebel Rousers out of Dallas Texas; and rounds cued by Cathy and Fred Fisher, of the Conway Rounders out of Conway, Arkansas.

Saturday, October 15: Delegates Meeting, at 8:30am. There will be morning and afternoon fun dances and workshops (times to be announced). There will be a Lunch Break around 12 Noon, with a Dinner Break around 5pm. Pre-Rounds, will be from 6:45pm to 7:20pm, with Cathy Fisher, cueing. The Parade Of Clubs will be at 7:30pm...followed by squares and rounds by Arkansas' Callers And Cuers, as well as line dancing, starting at 7:45pm.

For the Teacup Auction, donations of any clean and unbroken items would be greatly appreciated. The sale of these items with the purchase of ''chances'' not only helps fund the dance, and pay the expeneses that are associated with it, but also gives you a chance to purchase items for a price that you cannot get anywhere else. Both dancers are clubs are encouraged to donate items...and Fall Festival Chairperson Brenda Griffin will make arrangements to obtain them before the Festival.

Also, the Circulation Manager will be donating five (5) subscriptions to The Modern Square, as door prizes at the dance. When dancers pay and sign in (on either Friday or Saturday...I can NOT arrive at the dance until sometime Friday afternoon, due to schedule conflicts on Thursday), their name (single, or married couple) will be written on a drawing ticket...with one ticket per dancer. This way, everyone will have an equal chance at winning. The drawing will be held around the time of the presentation of the new 2017 slate of ASSDF Officers on Saturday evening. The following stipulations apply to the drawing:

1) You MUST BE PRESENT TO WIN. If you leave the dance early, or don't respond when your name is called, you forfeit your chance to the subscription, and the ASSDF ''gets a donation''.

2) You MUST get with the Circulation Manager prior to leaving the dance, to provide the correct mailing address. If the subscription is RETURNED AS UNDELIVERABLE, the subscription is SUSPENDED until the subscriber contacts the Circulation Manager with updated information. Missed copies may NOT be available.

3) As noted above, each dancer (single or married couple) gets one ticket in the drawing. This way, everyone has an equal chance, and one dancer is not ''hogging'' all of the subscriptions.

4) The subscription, non-refundable and non-transferable, will be for subscriptions starting with the December, 2016 issue of The Modern Square, for those subscriptions that expire with the November, 2016 issue or before. Since the deadline for the November issue is October 10, the database will be sent in BEFORE the Fall Festival dance. If a dancer has a current subscription, one year will be added to their expiration date.

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2016 Festival Restaurants And Lodging

There are several food venues and lodging choices nearby. First, restaurants within either one block, or within a mile of Betty's Big Country Dance Hall, include such places as McDonald's, Wendy's, Taco Bell, Subway, Waffle House, Fat Boys (Barbeque, Chicken, and Fish), Ta Molly's (Mexican), and Cracker Barrel.

Lodging wise, note that DANCERS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR MAKING THEIR OWN HOTEL RESERVATIONS...and you are STRONGLY ENCOURAGED to MAKE YOUR RESERVATIONS PROMPTLY!! This is because of the HOMECOMING WEEKENDS of the nearby colleges (noted above). If you delay in making your reservation, you may find yourself unable to get lodging!!

You will need to GUARANTEE the room with a credit card. Some of the hotels have discounts, such as AAA, or AARP, so be sure to ask for them. While you can mention that you are with the square dancers, it is likely the rate per night will be over $100 (plus tax)...but that is to be expected most anywhere you travel nowadays. Most of these are within a few blocks, or walking distance of Betty's Big Country Dance Hall.

The following hotels have rooms available...please call them directly:

Holiday Inn: (870) 403-0880

Best Western Inn: (870) 246-5592

Comfort Inn: (870) 246-3800

Quality Inn: (501) 693-1378

America's Best Value Inn And Suites: (870) 247-5855

Note that Hampton Inn, Super 8, and Super 6 are also available. However, I do not have phone numbers for them.

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2016 Festival Location And Weather

Caddo Valley is at Exit 78 off of Interstate 30 in southwest Arkansas, north of Arkadelphia. The closest airports are at the Little Rock National Airport, and the Texarkana Regional Airport. The airport at Arkadelphia, located a short distance southwest of the Arkadelphia, Arkansas Amtrak Station, is likely a private airport for small planes only.

Road construction may be occurring on Interstate 30, between Texarkana and Arkadelphia to the southwest, and between Little Rock and Arkadelphia to the northeast. For updates on road conditions, construction, traffic patterns, click here for the I Drive Arkansas website.

Speaking of Amtrak, the Amtrak Texas Eagle serves Arkadelphia, Arkansas...several miles south of Interstate 30. A history of the Arkadelphia station is located here. Note that Arkadelphia is a FLAG STOP...meaning that the train will stop ONLY if passengers are ticketed to board, or depart, at Arkadelphia. Note that there is NO TICKETING OR CHECKED BAGGAGE SERVICE at Arkadelphia. Arkadelphia Taxi Company can be reached at (870) 230-3012...however, I do not know if they operate 24 hours a day or not.

If the train is on time...for the NORTHBOUND Texas Eagle, arriving from Hope, Texarkana, Dallas/Fort Worth, San Antonio, and all intermediate arrives at 10:02pm. With the SOUTHBOUND Texas Eagle, arriving from Chicago, Bloomington-Normal, Springfield, Saint Louis, Walnut Ridge, Little Rock, Malvern, and all intermediate points... it arrives at 4:20am. Note that on Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday...the NORTHBOUND Texas Eagle, makes connections those mornings with The Sunset Limited at San Antonio, which runs between New Orleans, and Los Angeles...serving such cities as Houston and El Paso, Texas...Deming and Lordsburg, New Mexico...Tucson and Maricopa (Phoenix), Arizona...and other intermediate points. On Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday evenings (after stops in Arkadelphia those mornings), the SOUTHBOUND Texas Eagle makes connections with The Sunset Limited at San Antonio. But, other issues (weather, freight traffic, etc.) could cause the train to be DELAYED. So, it's best to check with Amtrak on the status of the train, as well as for schedules. Amtrak can be reached 24 hours a day, toll free, at (800) 872-7245 -- (800) USA - RAIL, or at the Amtrak Website.

The ''last staffed stations'' on either side of Arkadelphia, are at Texarkana, and at Little Rock. Stations at Malvern, and Hope...are like Arkadelphia...with NO TICKETING OR CHECKED BAGGAGE SERVICE.

For current weather conditions and forecasts for Caddo Valley, Arkansas, click here.

Other things to do in the region while attending the weekend include the Caddo Valley Flea Market, Caddo Valley River Canoeing, with fishing and boating on Lake Degray, within Lake DeGray State the park for information on fishing, boating, camping, and lodging.

Also, Crater Of Diamonds State Park, 45 miles away in Murfreesboro, Arkansas...allows you to hunt for diamonds, and keep any that you find...the only park of its kind in the country!!

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2016 Festival Registration

Registration is $20 per person for Friday and/or Saturday...and it does NOT include admission to the Thursday night Trail-In Dance, which is a separate $8 fee (payable at the door). There is NO REDUCED FEE for dancers who just show up for the Saturday night dance...although that may change for 2017, depending on votes at the Delegates Meeting on Saturday.

Note that if you are one of the first fifty dancers to register for the festival, your name will be put in a drawing, which will be during the announcement of the 2017 Officers. If your name is drawn, your $20 registration fee will be refunded as a prize. Note that the ASSDF Officers are INELIGIBLE for this drawing.

To register, send your name, address, city, state, and zip, along with a check or money order, payable to the ASSDF for $20 per person to Brenda Griffin, 103 Indian Springs Drive, Bryant, AR 72022. A printable flier, in Adobe Acrobat PDF format, can be obtained here.

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