Board And Delegates Meetings

Board and Delegates Meetings

Board And Delegates Meetings


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The ASSDF has membership meetings; where the state square and round dance clubs send at least two (2) delegates to the meeting, to discuss various issues related to square and round dancing, and with the ASSDF. Every club that has paid their dues to the ASSDF for the current year (that is due Jan. 1 of each year), should send two (2) delegates (as noted above) for voting privileges. The ASSDF can NOT conduct business without club representatives.

Note that callers and cuers can NOT serve as delegates at the meetings... and that clubs who have NOT paid their ASSDF Membership Dues for the current year, will NOT be allowed to vote at the meetings. Also, clubs that have NOT paid their yearly membership dues by a certain date in the new year, are likely to have ALL REFRENCES to their club (including Club Reports), caller or cuer, or Special Dances...REMOVED from both The Modern Square, and the ASSDF Website, per direction from the ASSDF Officers.

NOTE: Clubs whose listings are REMOVED from The Modern Square with the May, 2014 issue, for non-payment of dues will also have such information REMOVED from the ASSDF Website, as soon as I receive my copy of the May, 2014 issue.

There is usually a Spring meeting prior to the Rebel Reelers Toad Suck Daze Dance in Conway...and the Fall meeting is on the Saturday afternoon during the ASSDF Fall, other meetings may be held at other times during the year. They also have board meetings for the ASSDF Officers, so they can conduct business of the organization, including a meeting in December, to complete the change of officers for the new year.

While votes on issues may not always be unanimous, it is a chance for dancers to have their voices heard...and to discuss how to keep the hobby of square and round dancing alive.

Please note that you don't have to be a delegate to come just to vote. The ASSDF Board wants your input on what is happening with your State Federation. Those clubs who wish to place a bid for upcoming Fall Festival dances should prepare to present their bids at the spring meeting prior to the Toad Suck Daze Dance. Basically, if clubs don't submit a bid to host the Fall Festival, you may either see the event in a part of the state that you may not wish to travel to...or in the worst case scenario, no festival at all.

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Board And Delegates Meetings

Club members are strongly encouraged to remind your delegates to attend the Delegates Meetings. If you don't think that your club has delegates, please come to the meeting to represent your club.

Basically, if you don't show up at the meeting to voice your opinion, and to will have no right to complain on the outcome of what transpires there.

But, even if you do attend, voice your opinion, and vote...even if that vote does not come out the way you wanted, it is still your duty to get behind the majority vote, in whatever was decided. Like it or not, ''Life is NOT Burger can NOT always Have It Your Way'' (I can say that, as I worked for them for 5 years over 30 years ago in the Little Rock area).

The date of the next Delegates Meetings will be at the Rebel Reelers Toad Suck Daze Dance on Saturday, May 3, 2014, at 4pm, at the Wesley United Methodist Church, at 2310 Oak Street, in Conway, Arkansas...and on Saturday, October 11, 2014, at 4pm, at the ASSDF 2014 Fall Festival in Heber Springs. Further updates will be posted as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, due to financial issues with several upcoming medical bills for 2014 (including ambulance runs, Emergency Room visits, hospital stays, and potential surgeries), my attendance (as Webmaster and Circulation Manager) at upcoming delegates meetings, and the dances that follow, is highly unlikely at this point in time.

It's not that I don't want to be there...but the main reasons are the cost of the medical bills, the cost incurred for staying overnight in the city where the dances are held, my health after the surgeries, and the cost of donated subscriptions to The Modern Square by yours truly. Another issue is that it's very difficult for me physically to drive long distances to the event, and back home in the same day, if I decide just to attend the Saturday afternoon Delegates Meeting.

Because of all these things, the donated subscriptions have been DISCONTINUED until further notice...sorry for any inconvenience.

A handout on topics of interest is located here. You will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the file.

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