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ASSDF Officers

2015 ASSDF Elected Officers
2015 ASSDF Appointed Officers


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This page lists the current slate of officers, elected and appointed, for the ASSDF), as of February 2, 2015. The slate of newly elected officers is posted with the January issue of Modern Square...and is also entered on the website after the ASSDF Board Meeting in early December...when the new slate of officers (previously voted on at the ASSDF Fall Festival) are installed. The exceptions are if there is a change in officers during the year.

The Elected Officers are, as the title implies, elected at the ASSDF Fall Festival dance, and begin their terms on January 1st of the new year. The Appointed Officers are, as the title implies, appointed by the ASSDF Officers, for the various positions.

In a Letter From The Editor from past issues of The Modern Square, many of these dancers noted below have REPEATEDLY SERVED...some in one way or another for over 30 years...because it has been very difficult to find people wanting to serve as an officer. That is the reason that some of the ASSDF Officers look much like the ones from the year's because, in most cases, THEY ARE!!

Plus, per ASSDF Bylaws, certain officers are LIMITED on the amount of terms that they can serve. Also, there may be times that due to other circumstances, where officers have to resign their position early, are replaced for various reasons, or they don't want to serve again...and as a result, they can't serve another term. So, just because a position is currently filled, it does NOT necessarily mean that the individual currently serving in that officers position will still want to, or be able to serve again in the coming year.

Sadly, it's as if no one else wants to ''step up to the plate'' to serve...and ''those who complain should be the FIRST IN LINE to run for an officers position!!''.

Many of these dancers have had to cut down their dancing involvement...both on and off the square dance floor...if not quit the hobby altogether...because of health issues... including yours truly. It doesn't cost anything but a trip to meetings that are scheduled every so often...and the price of the pleasures of the dance are paid by those who take responsibility. So, please consider giving back to this wonderful hobby...if you'd like to volunteer to serve, please contact one of the current elected officers noted below.

In short, while there are other things in life besides square and round is up to the dancer to keep the hobby can't do it on its own. But, if we can't get individuals to serve, then there's no need to keep the ASSDF in existence.

Those who think that ''the work will magically get done'' at events (whether for their club, organization, or otherwise), and all they have to do is show up for the dance, then leave when they feel like it...are in for a rude awakening.

Also, there may be times, where circumstances beyond a dancers control force them to resign a previously elected or appointed officers position...or in the case of ''not doing their job'', they may be terminated from their position by the remainder of the ASSDF Officers. In this case, replacements are put in place as soon as possible.

Lastly, to prevent spamming, email addresses are NOT posted here. However, if you wish to get in contact with one of the ASSDF Officers, please click here to Contact The Webmaster. Your message will be forwarded to the appropriate officer, if they have email.

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2015 ASSDF Elected Officers

As the name implies, the President ''presides'' over all meetings of the ASSDF. They become Immediate Past President on Jan. 1st of the following year. If they were previously the First Vice President, and had to take over as President during the year, they may end up serving another term.

Brenda Griffin, 103 Indian Springs Drive, Bryant, AR 72022 (501) 416-5366

1st Vice President:
The 1st Vice President is the ASSDF President-Elect, and takes over as ASSDF President on Jan. 1st of the following year. The 1st Vice President also ''presides'' over all meetings of the ASSDF, in case the current ASSDF President is unable to attend. If the ASSDF President has to resign during the year (for whatever reason), the 1st Vice President becomes the acting ASSDF President for the remainder of the year. Normally, the 1st Vice President becomes the ASSDF President the next year...but sometimes, that's not always the case, for various reasons.

Scott and Angela Blackshear, 208 Stroope Trail, Royal, AR 71968 (501) 276-0841

2nd Vice President:
The 2nd Vice President is the Editor of The Modern Square, Arkansas' monthly square and round dance publication.

Fred Fisher, 47 Hays Hill Road, Conway, AR 72032 (501) 428-9026

A letter from the 2015 Editor of The Modern Square is located here. You will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader to view/print the file.

3rd Vice President:
The 3rd Vice President sets up Subscription Dances...where square and round dancers can sign up at the dance for a subscription to The Modern Square, Arkansas' monthly square and round dance publication. A subscription form (which is mailed to the ASSDF Treasurer, along with payment), can be found on that page, as well as information on Subscription Dances. Subscription forms can also be found within each issue of The Modern Square.

Ernest (Stan) and Carol Stander, 5137 Greenway Drive, North Little Rock, AR 72116 (501) 753-2574

The Secretary takes minutes at all ASSDF meetings, and prepares all correspondence for the ASSDF.

Phyllis Keeney, 1807 Nubbin Ridge Road, Royal, AR 71968 (501) 991-3292

The Treasurer processes fees, such as subscriptions to The Modern Square, ASSDF Club Membership Yearly Dues, ASSDF Fall Festival, Dances, and other expenses of the ASSDF.

Carolyn Birdsong, 28912 Bandy Road, Little Rock, AR 72223 (501) 821-4898

The Historian maintains a scrapbook of photos and other items, dealing with the history of the ASSDF. Note that anyone with pictures, etc. from dances, must send these directly to the Historian, for these to be included in the scrapbook.

Cathy & Royce Beesly, 4850 Highway 14 East, Newport, AR 72112-8539 (870) 503-2674 or (870) 217-2332

Circulation Manager:
The Circulation Manager is responsible for keeping track of those who have subscriptions to The Modern Square...and notifying the printer of address changes. While Address Changes should be sent to the Circulation Manager, Subscription Payments should be sent to the Treasurer, who will forward them to the Circulation Manager via email...and the Circulation Manager will update the subscriber database accordingly.

Daryl Stout, P.O. Box 55655, Little Rock, AR 72215 (501) 476-2545 (leave a voice mail), or follow the instructions here.

Past President:
The Past President is as the name implies...they were the ASSDF President during the previous calendar year.

Larry and Faye Echlin, 201 East Arkansas Street, Star City, AR 71667 (870) 918-8928

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2015 ASSDF Appointed Officers

2015 Dance Chairman:
These people chair up the 2015 ASSDF Fall Festival Dance.

Bill and Roanna Petrie, 3114 Donaldson Lane, White Hall, AR 71602 (870) 540-6773
Earl and Lynn Milroy, 7611 Jay Lynn Lane, Pine Bluff, AR 71603 (870) 879-1608

Round Dance Chairman:
These people are in charge of the Round Dancing at various ASSDF Fall Festival Dances.

Fred and Cathy Fisher, 47 Hays Hill Road, Conway, AR 72032 (501) 428-9026

Insurance Chairman:
Liability Insurance is a constant concern. These people work with the program to help provide insurance to dancers while at a dance, and liability insurance for those overseeing the hall. This way, if an incident occurs, the members of the club (let alone the ASSDF) won't be subject to possible lawsuits. To obtain the insurance, each club must be a paid up member to the ASSDF ($20 per year)...and pay a cost of $4.45 per dancer, or a $45 minimum per club. Note that for the club to obtain the insurance, EVERY DANCER ON THE MEMBERSHIP ROSTER MUST BE INCLUDED.

Ann Grigsby, 7206 Springhill Road, Alexander, AR 72002 (501) 847-2624

These people are in charge of maintaining the website for the ASSDF.

Daryl Stout, P.O. Box 55655, Little Rock, AR 72215 (501) 476-2545 (leave a voice mail), or follow the instructions here.

USDA Delegate:
These people are delegates to the United Square Dancers Of America group, which provides insurance at dances, and other benefits to square and round dancers.

Position Currently Vacant

These people make sure that ASSDF meetings are conducted in an orderly manner, persuant to Roberts Rules Of Order.

Bill and Lela O'Neil, 2611 Valley Drive, Searcy, AR 72143 (501) 352-2741

Education and Publicity:
These people help educate non-dancers on what square and round dancing are all about, and provide publicity on dancing activities to media outlets, such as broadcast stations, newspapers, magazines, etc.

Gordon And Sue White, 6 Perfecto Place, Hot Springs Village, AR 71909 (501) 922-0803

Advertising Chairman:
Postition Currently Vacant

Showcase Of Ideas:
These people maintain a special table, which helps promote and showcase square and round dancing in Arkansas...and travel to the National Square Dance Convention.

Position Currently Vacant

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